“I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Julie Senesac on multiple projects. Most noteworthy, she designed my personal blog – and to say that she has blown me away with her talent would be an immense understatement. She took something painfully mediocre and turned into something so visually stunning – all while somehow representing me perfectly.

She has also recently assisted me with a t-shirt design, and once again, she just has the instincts that make something look and feel high quality. She always adds an X factor that just brings it to the next level – whatever ‘it’ may be.

The best thing about working with Julie is the way she’s been able to uncover my vision. I’m not artistically inclined, so it’s difficult for me to articulate what I’m looking for in a graphic design. She has a way of asking all the right questions to decipher the vibe her client is looking for. She’s incredibly easy to work with, and always makes me feel in control – even though she is clearly the one making the magic happen!

There is no way I could recommend Julie’s graphic design artistry highly enough. She can take an average idea and turn it into something beautiful every time. She is a warm, confident, talented individual, and her work truly speaks for itself!”

-Allison Vester, Blogger