So Busy with So Much Life!

There has simultaneously been so much going on, and at the same time, nothing really happening. Here’s the gist! Working a lot; overtime a lot; socializing some; Netflix lots; freelancing some; so hot outside; toothache; eating not that great; loads of puppy snuggles; more toothache; socket adjustments; doctor appointments; root canal; not exercising enough; so hot; 80s theme party; updating the blog (finally!).

I have been waiting for something substantial to happen, but it turns out if you wait long enough, there are enough seemingly unsubstantial things to add up to a whole lot!

We’ve had some wonderful times with our favorite people celebrating birthdays and Father’s Day, and even just some fun times out enjoying summer days!

The biggest thing of late, is that Jake’s residual limb has majorly shrunk! Which is a great thing! His leg is almost 3 inches smaller around! This means that he has to wear up to 20 ply of socks, and the inside of his socket is lined with pads. It’s normal and all a part of the life of an amputee.

We started off the process with going to see our friends at SRT and have started the process of getting insurance approval for his second socket. Then we went to Jake’s appointment with Dr. Pratt at the amputee clinic at IU Neuroscience Center! It is always so wonderful seeing her and her team! I think big things are coming for Indy when it comes to becoming a hub for amputee care!


Jake’s skin is doing great, and having a routine of using the proper skin care products has helped alot! The heat has proved to be a bit of a challenge since Jake’s leg get super sweaty since he wears first a liner; then up to 20 ply of socks, then puts his leg in his socket, then has a suspension sleeve that goes over it all to hold it in place and keeps the suction tight!

The suspension sleeve that Jake wears keeps his prosthesis from ever moving around. You can literally pull on his foot and the leg wouldn’t come off. That is, unless the suction isn’t tight. Jake’s suspension sleeve was looking a little beat up, a few holes and snags. All normal wear and tear, but we were trying to get as much life out of it as possible! He gets 6 per year, so if we can get 2 months out of a sleeve that’s great!


We broke down and put on his new sleeve yesterday before we headed out with friends for a 80’s prom-themed murder mystery party! It was great and so much fun to be back with friends. Such a huge difference from where we were at 6 months ago!


We have been off our game lately with our eating and exercise routines! We are going to challenge ourselves this week to get back on track. We will be eating at home for every meal, and not buying any groceries! We have a freezer and pantry full of good and healthy options and just need to plan better and take advantage of it!

I will be trying to make a blog post this week about how it is going and hopefully, we learn some tips and tricks to get on track!

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