He Truly Is All In…

When Jake and I got married about 4 years ago, he included a Ron Swanson quote in his vows. He promised to “whole-ass” our marriage, posing an opposite to the common saying of “half-assing” something. Well, Jake has always been the type of person to give “it” his all, and throughout his recovery, he has maintained that same sentiment.

Once the decision had been made that Jake’s right leg would be amputated (below the knee), we have been encouraged by all the friends and family that reminded us how strong we are together, and how determined Jake can be. While he was still in the hospital, Jake received a flood of support after making a few posts on Twitter. These “strangers” online gave Jake a renewed and fresh perspective on himself. If these people who did not even know him were “pulling” for him and his recovery–then he knew he needed to get on board also.

Over those first few months, Jake would spend two weeks at a rehab hospital. He was often alone in the evenings after I had left for the night, and after he had spent most of the day with his therapists, learning how to take care of his body in this “new world”. During that time, Twitter became a good outlet for him. He would follow along with small pockets of people that had similar interests. He found a lot of support and community online, and it really inspired him. He knew how much it meant to him when he would get a message of support from a stranger, so he began sending back out supportive messages to folks he would see online.  Well, one of those messages paid off in the biggest of ways.

In the almost four months Jake spent waiting to get his first prosthesis, he constantly found inspiration on Twitter. One of the biggest things happened after one of his tweets went a little viral…

This took off and two months later we were meeting Cody and the Young Bucks as well as Dave Hancock from Starrcast at a wrestling event in Chicago. As we walked up the line to meet Cody, we saw Matt from the Young Bucks point and gesture over towards us. When we met Cody, he was so nice and remembered Jake from their months long Twitter-friendship.

The celebration of independence and overcoming the odds and performing at your best is what the All In show in August is about. Jake inspired the guys as much as they inspired him. Meeting them in person was easily a highlight of Jake’s life and we can’t wait until the big show Labor Day weekend at the Sears Center.

Oh and by the way, today is his birthday!


3 thoughts on “He Truly Is All In…

  1. Liza Macy says:

    What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing! I love how social media can bring people together in so many amazing ways! I often think social media gets a bad reputation because people focus on the bad, but there is also so much good!! Xo


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