Life as We Know It (Update from Jake)

I asked Jake a couple days ago to jot down a few of his thoughts about how things are going and where he sees himself currently. Unbeknownst to him, I planned to use these thoughts of his as a blog post.

For anyone that truly knows Jake, this likely doesn’t sound like the Jake you know-this is a hybrid of new Jake- positive and outgoing, and with an unbreakable spirit! Enjoy!

I honestly feel that I am as confident as ever that the future is bright.  In just a little over a month I am a lot more active and so is my wife.  We exercise together and separately.  We take the dogs on nice long walks around the neighborhood.

In addition to exercise, we eat much better than a year before or even six months ago.  We pay more attention to what we use to fuel our bodies and I am confident that as we exercise more that will improve what we eat too.

We are managing to work through the huge financial burden of all the medical costs of late, though we still have a way to go.  We have a little while to go before bouncing back 100% but we have plans and goals.  One day we will be out from under medical and other bills that we have currently.

Another area I feel better about is just being social in general and going out.  We were such homebodies but we are trying to do things all week and into the weekend.  I would never have imagined a month ago that I would want to go somewhere on a Thursday night and then do something on a Friday night!  We also have been going to the movies more, which even though it isn’t that social it gets us out of the house and off of the couch.

Life just seems to be improving all over the place and I couldn’t be happier about it!

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