Physical Therapy begins!

There have been very few times in my life that I have thought to myself “you ABSOLUTELY made the right decision.” Well, when we were trying to figure out where Jake should go for physical therapy–I had a vision. I imagined Jake working with a therapist, looking confident, showing off a little–and when I thought about where I could envision this taking place, I only thought of one place. Rehab Hospital of Indiana. Jake spent 13 days there, and he made so much progress there. He LOVED his therapists and I saw so much growth and confidence in him while he was there. So when I pitched it to him, he went for it! Yes, RHI is further from our house, but I just had a feeling. So Friday, when Jake went for his consult/assessment for PT at RHI, I was pleasantly surprised how well it went.

We arrived at RHI and was reminded that Jake had barely seen the outside of the hospital where he spent so much time. He walked into the outpatient entrance and I could already see a little extra pride in Jake’s steps. After registering and getting his insurance information set up, we found out he was pre-approved for 30 sessions. While we were waiting for his therapist, Jake was calm and comfortable–not nervous at all. We saw one of his nurses walk by and I so hoped she saw him or recognized him. I mean, I totally know that healthcare workers see so many faces and patients that it would be a little far-fetched to think that she would recognize him.


When Himanshu, Jake’s therapist, came out to get him I was feeling pretty good. Someone was coming out of the gym as they started to enter, and Jake quickly maneuvered out of the way. Himanshu was very impressed and exclaimed “Wow! You’re fast!” I laughed because I knew this was just the sort of first impression that Jake would have wanted to convey.

The assessment was mostly doing some strength and speed tests to establish baselines for tracking future progress. Of course, there was also a fair amount of conversation and getting to know each other.  Numerous times, as I eavesdropped on their conversation, I heard Himanshu tell Jake that he was really impressed. By this time, Jake had only had his prosthesis for 2 weeks. He was walking comfortably without any assistive devices (although he still needs to be cleared of using the walker) and his confidence was growing by the day. At the end of the assessment, we asked if Jake would be working directly with Himanshu or would it be someone else. To our delight, he said that he would be thrilled to work with Jake directly and that he thinks Jake has great potential to become quite athletic if he wants to.  So we went ahead and scheduled twice a week appointments for the next 8 weeks.


Jake’s first official therapy appointment is tomorrow and he is very excited. He has made such great strides in building strength and balance while doing PT at home on his own, I can’t imagine how much progress he will make working with a professional who will push him to do more!


As a bonus for me to Jake doing so well with at home therapy… he is showing me lots of easy exercises I can do to start building up my strength! I have got to up my game and get in better shape to keep up with Jake! He is training me, and I am thrilled! We are on such a great path! Just hoping for no skin issues or setbacks!

Today we had another adjustment at SRT. Jake’s gait is getting better and better. He got a height adjustment to his prosthesis–since his hip muscles are getting stronger his walk has changed even in the past week!


Jake is wearing 3 plies of socks and can wear his leg 5 hours in the am and 5 hours in the pm. By next week he will be up to 12 hours a day!

2 thoughts on “Physical Therapy begins!

  1. Linda Waters says:

    So glad that things are going so well for you and Jake. It sounds as if his positive attitude, courage and perseverance are all really paying off. I couldn’t be happier for both of you! I also love it that he is motivating you to get stronger too! I can tell you from working for years as a physical therapist that strength and endurance are super important for injury prevention and just for a good overall quality of life.

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