New Leg = New Man

So 10 days ago Jake brought home his leg! It was a huge day for us in a sea of big changes lately! On the way to SRT to pick up his leg, I interviewed him a little about how things have been over the first few months post-amputation.

What’s been the hardest thing the last few months?

“It’s been not going places, I mean we’ve gone every now and then. Maybe we’ll go to see family or to a restaurant. We went to Home Depot once… but we haven’t gone to the movie theatre, haven’t gone to any events, obviously. It’s just been a little tough, been to work a couple times, but looking forward to going back full time. So, I can’t wait to be back in my normal groove eventually.”

What’s something that has surprised you about yourself these last few months?

“Um, well one thing that has surprised me about myself, has been that I have gone and really exceeded what I thought I could do as far as developing muscle and balance and coordination. These are things that because of Charcot Marie Tooth, I had been told I wouldn’t have a good chance of developing. I am starting to find out that maybe it was more of a mental hurdle. That it is something that I can develop. It’s been interesting to see how far I have come with building strength and the balance and all that. Physical therapy has helped a lot. That’s been one of the most surprising things.”

“Another thing that has really surprised me is the outpouring of support from people and that has really touched my heart and Jewl’s heart. And it’s been really nice. It’s just kind of reaffirmed my belief in humanity. It’s all been surprising.”

What’s the one thing you are most looking forward to getting back to doing–or something you previously thought you couldn’t do?

“Well, in the short term it’s definitely taking the dogs back outside. I miss getting to walk them. Cause what I am doing right now, is, I will sit on the floor and let them out the door, they’ll do their business and come back in. Since I can’t exactly go out there and get it, Jewls will pick up the poo when she gets home.”

“Another thing I am looking forward to doing is going to events. Concerts, wrestling events, things of that nature. Looking forward to going to work, going grocery shopping. Looking forward to carrying dishes from the kitchen to the dining room.  And not just have to wait for Jewls to bring them to me. ”

If you could talk to yourself when you were in the hospital, right after your leg was amputated, what would you tell yourself?

“I would tell myself, that it is going to be a bit longer to get the leg than people are telling you. But I would tell myself to hang in there and that things are going to get better. And you’re going to start developing muscles, and abilities you didn’t think you were able to have.”


2 thoughts on “New Leg = New Man

  1. Linda Waters says:

    It is interesting to hear that you are discovering that you are actually able to physically do things that you had been told would never be possible for you to do. It makes me think that that could be true for all of us. So….maybe we should all try to be courageous enough to try things to see what we truly can accomplish rather than accepting our limitations based on the label,and the limitations that may go along with that label, that has been put on us. You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

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