Update from Jake!

Been awhile since one of these updates but not a whole lot has changed really.

I am still waiting for insurance to authorize payment for my leg. Honestly, it is just like the Tom Petty song goes “…the waiting is the hardest part”. In the meantime, I just do my workout routine each day and get stronger. I have noticed it is much easier to get off of the floor now and to go from standing to be floor. Jewls says my leg and calf muscles are getting pretty jacked. The arm muscles are improving too.

Working from home has been going well. I could not imagine how bored I would be at this point if I wasn’t working. It helps me keep track of what day is which too.

Today Jewls and I practiced left-footed driving for the first time. It was just in a parking lot but it get pretty empowering getting to drive again. It went better than I had anticipated though. Soon enough I will be driving to concerts again!

Hopefully there will be some new developments soon to report. Anyways, take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!


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