Positives of Losing a Leg

So this is Jake again, two updates in back to back days…crazy. Anyways, with it being New Years Eve I wanted to just look towards the future and make a fun little post. Below are a few of the positive things about losing part of my right leg. Some are amusing, some are sappy…all are true, lol.

-Lost about 10 pounds with little effort
-Have an amazing wife to help me get through it
-Packs of socks last twice as long
-Have an excellent support system of many friends and family
-Can upgrade my lower leg every couple of years
-Gave me a new sense of wanting to help people going through similar situations one day
-One step closer to being a cyborg
-Gave me more perspective on what I can accomplish and what is just beyond my limitations
-No foot pain at all for first time in 5+ years
-Getting a head start on being skilled using a walker

Have a great and safe NYE everyone! Thanks get again for all the support and prayers. Here is to a brighter 2018!


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