Update from Jake

Jake, here, checking in! So I am a bit overdue for an update. Since getting home, things have gone quite well. I am moving around the house well (even with the stairs). I was told there will be falls… and they were right, there have been a couple of falls. But I have managed to protect my residual limb as much as possible each time.

To be perfectly honest, it has not been fun; it is a bit of an ordeal just to move from the couch to a walker and then hop about 75 feet to just do something as simple as using the bathroom. Or having to scoot backwards up the stairs at the end of the day to get up to our bedroom. These things take a lot more effort than it ever did with two full legs. However, it makes me realize that I will not take things for granted when I get my prosthetic.

This whole process has made me feel thankful for what I do have. Like my amazing wife Jewls. If I did not have her, this process would be so much more difficult. Also, I feel so lucky to have my left leg. If I had lost both legs, like some folks, I think this road to recovery would be so much tougher and longer. So I have tried to remind myself that though my situation is bad, it could have been so much worse, so I feel lucky.

Anyways, it is great to be back home and it is going well despite a few bumps in the road (and in the living room…and once in the kitchen, lol) but I am getting stronger. I am doing my PT and OT exercises and will continue to do so until I get my prosthetic. Still not sure when that will be but I cannot wait. Alright, in the words of the Wyld Stallions, “Be excellent to each other”!

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